Onderhoud Handmade

Step into the world of Onderhoud Handmade with Rizky Afnan in Bandung, Indonesia. Discover the meticulous craftsmanship behind hand-welted leather shoes, embodying the essence of slow-made excellence and unique artistry.

Onderhoud Handmade

Edition One Feature
Words by: Rizky Afnan
Location: Indonesia, South Asia
Photo Credits:  ¬©Risky Afnan

I am Rizky Afnan, founder, creative director and craftsman of Onderhoud Handmade. I am the person behind the Onderhoud; the crafter behind the hand-welted shoes and boots. I make leather boots and shoes with three key elements: handmade, hand welted and slow made. 

Handmade: I select and buy all of the materials and bring these to my workshop. I design the pattern of the shoes or boots, cut the leather, assemble the pieces and sew them together to become an upper, which will be part of bringing the shoe or boot together. This is just a simple view of the process; the handiwork is much more complicated than this description suggests. From the beginning until I finally sew the outsole, I take great care and meticulously finish each stage of the process with care. 

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