Os. Illustration

Meet Oliver Smith, a freelance black and white fine line illustrator based in Oxford, UK. Drawing inspiration from outdoor adventures, camping, and surfing, Oliver shares his journey of turning passion into a business. His unique hand-drawn style captures the authenticity of real-life experiences.

Os. Illustration

Edition Two Feature (March 2021)
Words by: Oliver Smith
Location: Oxford, UK 
Photo Credit: ©Oliver Smith

I am a sole trader and freelance black and white fine line illustrator. The majority of my work is drawn in my art studio or on the road, camping in my Land Rover Defender 90 named Bilbo. 

Currently, I am living in Oxford, UK. I was born on the south coast and moved up here for work a few years ago. My next move will be to head to the coast again, but this time to set up shop in Cornwall. To become a full-time illustrator heading out for a surf in the morning and illustrating the days away. Heading to the moors and exploring the coast on my days off. My idea of bliss. 

I love working for myself and find great fulfilment in growing a business. Yes, it‚Äôs hard sometimes, but it‚Äôs all worth it in the end. 

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