Embark on the woodworking journey of Alistair McNab in the New Forest, UK. Discover how repurposed materials and sustainable practices shape the unique furniture, toys, and decor at OUR_worldofwood.


Edition Four Feature
Words by: Alistair McNab
Location: New Forest, Hampshire, UK 
Photo Credits: ¬©Alistair McNab @o_wow_shop 

My journey into the world of woodworking began in 2017, when I returned home to the UK after years of travelling and working abroad. My partner and I were looking to furnish our rented apartment using second-hand furniture and stumbled across a coffee table with a pallet wood top. Inspired, I started to create unique wall art and furniture designs featuring geometric shapes and patterns, using repurposed materials. 

In the years since, I have worked to transform what began as a hobby into a small business. As my passion evolved, I honed my craft and product range, eventually launching OUR_worldofwood ‚Äď O_wow for short ‚Äď in March 2020.

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