Persistence: The Law of 100

Persistence: The Law of 100

Today, Lets talk about persistence. As someone who is walking the path you're on, facing the same uncertainties and celebrating similar triumphs. I want to talk to you about a simple yet profoundly impactful concept that has instrumental to our business of late: the Law of 100. It's simple, commit to a single action and repeat it 100 times. This could be anything from emailing prospective clients to posting on social media daily. The idea is to stick with it, consistently, And likely by the time you hit that magic 100 it will have just become habitual and you wont think about doing it.

Kate and I embraced this philosophy about 12-18 months ago. And since then we have seen significant growth in any area we have applied it. Why? likely because 100 actions of anything is a realistic amount of actions for somthing to: A, Stick and show up when talking about online output, and B, because doing something 100 times gives you plenty chance to adjust and evaluate along the way.

The Law of 100 is not a test of endurance; it's a commitment to growth, learning, and resilience.

Why the Law of 100?

It may seem like a numbers game, it's not, it's so much more. It's about building a habit, refining your strategy, and, most importantly, not giving up too soon. And the best bit? It is so simple just keep doing the thing for 100 days. Adjusting where required as you go.

Our Journey

For us, it started with a commitment to reach out to new clients for our advertising daily and to make a conscious effort to post daily on social media. Initially, it felt like casting seeds into the wind - uncertain which ones would take. But, as the days turned into weeks, and weeks into months, those seeds began to take root. We now see a return for our time investment. our reach has grown, and our account engagement sits stable at 4.5x that of our follower count on instagram alone. And make no mistakes we are not social media wizards. There is far better people out there to take social media advice from than us. However the concept still stands, and proves itself.

Why You Should Consider the Law of 100

  1. Builds Discipline: Committing to a task 100 times helps forge discipline, a critical ingredient for any business's success.
  2. Provides Clarity: Through repetition, you gain clarity about what works, what doesn't, and how to adjust your strategies moving forward.
  3. Fosters Resilience: Not every attempt will yield success, but each one teaches persistence and resilience, invaluable traits for any entrepreneur.
  4. Encourages Reflection: This journey allows you to reflect on your progress, evaluate your methods, and celebrate the small victories along the way.

Moving Forward

Think about the Law of 100 and how it might apply to your journey, remember success looks different for everyone: for you it could be an additional sale every week, for your next door maker it could be a reel making 1 or 10k views. Irrespective of what it looks like to you it's about learning as we go.

So, I encourage you to pick an action that could move the needle for your business. Commit to it, track your progress, and watch. Don't sit back and watch, quite the opposite. Lean in and do the work. The journey of 100 steps begins with the decision to start, and who knows where it might lead?

Let's encourage each other to act on the Law of 100 together. By supporting one another we navigate the highs and lows of this creative journey together. We're in this together, learning, growing, and making our marks on the world.

Here's to the next 100 steps towards your collective success!

We'd love to hear about the habit or action you're committing to and follow along on your journey. Share your story with us, by replying to this email or dropping us a DM on Instagram and let's celebrate each step forward.

Bonus Point

If you have lost count of your 100 days. it probably means it is a habit you no longer think about. Thats a Win.