ReJean Denim

ReJean Denim, based in Glasgow's, revives denim's past with sustainable unisex jackets and accessories, celebrating history and reducing waste in every unique piece.

ReJean Denim

Edition One Feature (September 2020)
Words by: Siobhan Mckenna
Location: Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Photo Credits: Ella Blythe McDonald @ellamacd / Stew Bryden @stewbryden

ReJean Denim is an exciting and sustainable slow fashion brand that is for everyone, regardless of size, age, ethnicity or gender. 

Our studio and shop is situated in the heart of the famous Barras market in Glasgow, UK. We use reclaimed denim to make unisex denim jackets ‚Äď with a nod to the classic French chore jacket ‚Äď as well as accessories. We base our collections around vintage workwear, creating something timeless, seasonless and unique. 

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