Riding in: A Conversation with Colt Wrangler

Riding in: A Conversation with Colt Wrangler

Colt's path has been nothing short of extraordinary. With a rich history of operating his own custom shop, his recent transition to the renowned Revival Cycles in Austin, Texas, has propelled him to new heights in the motorcycle world. Thanks to David Bond, who orchestrated this incredible opportunity, we were able to experience the joy of meeting Colt first-hand. His larger-than-life personality and remarkable craftsmanship made for a memorable afternoon!

As we entered Colt's home, adorned with photographs showing his life and the memories he cherishes, we couldn't help but feel the warmth and authenticity that permeated the space. Settling down with our camera and Nomono sound capsule, our conversation flowed effortlessly, allowing us to get to know Colt on a deeper level. The connection between Jack and Colt, fuelled by their shared passion for bikes, ignited a interesting conversation that revealed the true essence of Colt's craftsmanship and dedication to his job.

After the podcast, Colt invited us to the workshop of Revival Cycles, which was something Jack has wanted to visit for years. As we entered we were excited to see the array of bikes from all corners of the globe, gathering for the upcoming Revival Cycle bike show the following day, which we did attend. You could tell by the vibe that Colt is an incredible asset to the team at Revival. We were able to see his work first hand which was very impressive!

Thank you Colt for taking time out of your hectic schedule to share your insights, experiences, and anecdotes with us. The podcast episode with Colt provides a window into the world of motorcycle customization and offers valuable inspiration for both seasoned bikers and admirers of handmade craftsmanship. Colt's passion and personal growth as an artist and creator will undoubtedly captivate and motivate all who listen.

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