Ruben James Stamp Art

Ruben James McNeil-Walsh, a mixed-media artist in Bristol, UK, creates unique maps and stencils using postage stamps. Each piece tells a story of a place, a time, and a journey.

Ruben James Stamp Art

Edition One Feature (September 2020)
Words by: Ruben James McNeil-Walsh
Location: Bristol, UK
Photo Credits: ¬©Ruben James McNeil-Walsh  

My name is Ruben James McNeil-Walsh. I am a mixed media artist, making maps and stencils from incredible postage stamps sourced from across the world. 

A number of years ago, my grandfather gave me his extensive stamp collection. I quickly discovered the stamps were a celebration of national identity, culture and pride. Since then, I have added to the collection, sourcing amazing stamps from philatelists across the world, hand-picking those that I think best represent each country. To me, stamps are a little snapshot of a place, a time and a journey. 

My work aims to showcase these amazing stamps in a way that everyone can appreciate. By combining maps and postage stamps, I make art to celebrate your home country, your honeymoon destination, your backpacking trip or your next adventure. 

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