SEY Cosmetics

Meghan Gane's journey blends marine science expertise with beauty, creating eco-friendly cosmetics and fostering inclusivity, challenging industry norms.

SEY Cosmetics

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Words by: Meghan Gane 
Location: Cardiff, UK 
Photo Credit: ©Meghan Gane 

My name is Meghan and I am the founder of SEY cosmetics. I’ve been making make-up and skincare for over 10 years now. Both my bachelor’s and master’s degrees are in marine science, hence my main focus is formulating eco-beauty products that are sustainable. As part of this, I provide a return and refill system. I also do a lot on the education side and help to provide as much information as possible via my social platforms and blogs. 

I’m originally from the Seychelles, an island nation that depends heavily upon eco-tourism. Without our country’s natural beauty, our economy would die. It is mainly my background and culture that have helped me to understand the value of eco-sustainability. 

Beauty products are, unfortunately, designed with ingredients that bioaccumulate within the environment, which disrupts natural ecosystems. My focus is on what I like to call ‘reverse engineering’ formulas. My work involves focusing on designing better, greener alternatives for consumers.