Struthers Watchmakers

Craig and Rebecca Struthers, based in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter, blend restoration and bespoke watchmaking. Crafting exquisite timepieces, they balance precision, craftsmanship, and collaboration in their unique approach.

Struthers Watchmakers

Edition Two Feature (March 2021)
Words by: Craig and Rebecca Struthers 
Location: Birmingham, UK 
Photo Credits: ¬©Andy Pilsbury @andypilsbury 

Craig: We‚Äôre a mix between restoration of antiquarian, vintage and occasionally modern wrist and pocket watches, and the other side of our business is commissioned timepieces. Sometimes we will rebuild a heritage watch movement that has had its case scrapped and rehouse it in a brand new case that we make from silver or gold. Or we will make the entire watch the old-fashioned way: the movement, the dial, the hands, the case, all from scratch, on our old machines. 

Rebecca: Restoration is our bread and butter, but manufacturing is our main income stream. We started out as restorers, and our first workshop focused just on restoration. There are no spare parts for watches dating from 50 to 300 years ago, so to repair them you have to make all of the parts from scratch. So, with restoration, you reach a point where you realise that you‚Äôve learned to make pretty much everything for other people‚Äôs watches. The temptation is then to start making your own. 

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