The Kindred Workshop

Mutsa a UK based Zimbabwe born ceramic artists story is one of finding fulfilment in what you do. From mugs to earrings Mutsa crafts her work with beautiful authenticity.

The Kindred Workshop

Edition Five Feature
Words by: Mutsa James  
Location: Birmingham, England, UK  
Photo Credit: ¬©Mutsa James @thekindredworkshop 

I‚Äôm Mutsa, and I run the Kindred Workshop, making and selling clay earrings and ceramic mugs. It all started with the earrings made with air-drying clay, and then a year later I fell in love with pottery and decided to start selling mugs too. 

Kindred earrings are super-lightweight statement pieces, the kind of earrings you can wear all day without your ears feeling tired or weighed down. I release new designs as the seasons change, with the aim of reflecting nature‚Äôs seasonal beauty. All of my earrings are made to order, which means there is no mass overproduction and waste ‚Äď it‚Äôs a slow fashion approach. I am grateful for the shift in buying habits, with more people wanting to purchase and wear things from small makers, with whom they can form a connection. 

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