The Technician, The Manager, and The Entrepreneur

The crucial trio of mindsets every business owner needs: Technician, Manager, and Entrepreneur. Balancing these roles is key to thriving in the ever-changing landscape of entrepreneurship.

The Technician, The Manager, and The Entrepreneur

This is a summation of what I learned from reading "The E Myth" Last year and implementing it over the last few months. It's a good book, the story which you dive into takes away a bit from the message at times, I feel, but it does make it relatable. Said story is about Sarah, a full-time pie baker who is creative and is trying to make her business work. Not dissimilar to many of you, I'm sure. 

What are the key takeaways, and why did I feel it so important to write a about them? 

The book outlines, and I agree, that every business, creative or dull, only requires 3 mindsets. We are talking top level here, not breaking things down to maker, photographer, outbound sales, content planner etc etc., just the 3 kinds of mindsets required. 

The Technician 

The Do-er of the stuff. By default, all of you who make for a living are this. You do the thing. You are enthralled in the art and craft of creating your own. That is why Kate and I love you so much. 

The Manager 

The one who keeps on top of things. Keeps those doing the thing accountable to deadlines. Ensures X, Y, Z is done on time. Ensures you don't run out of consumables, recognises with engagement is down or when you haven't posted or written the newsletter and makers you do it.  

The Entrepreneur 

The Ideas person. The one not scared to take the leap. In fact, in my experience, by the time you ask where they are leaping to, they are already mid-flight. For example, We Are Makers is a prime example of Kate being an entrepreneur. She had the idea. she went after it. At the root of it all, I have her to thank for all the amazing makers (and now friends) we have met over the years. 

No business works without all three. And remember, yes, you are a maker. But you are a business, too. You have to be to survive. 

I'm going with my gut and standing by my opinion. You are all the Technician already. You wouldn't be here if you weren't. The Manager, however? Or the Entrepreneur? You will likely have tendencies of one or the other. Maybe both.

My summation of this book and what Kate and I concentrate on is we must dedicate our time to all three. Maybe not evenly. That is up to you and to the project at hand. But we must dedicate our time all the same. 

How do we do this?

Typically, I am more Managerial and Entrepreneurial naturally and have had to teach myself to allocate time to the Technician. Kate is a hard-core Technician and an Entrepreneur who must make time to be a manager at times. 

Every project is different. as is every creative endeavour or piece within that. As an example and to aid in the thought experiment for yourself, here is how a typical 3-month project at We Are Makers goes. (we repeat this process every quarter typically)

Week 1 - 3 = We both have our Entrepreneur Hats On. I adapt my Manager hat for a couple of hours every morning. Meanwhile Kate adopts her Technician hat. This way, we stay on top of the day-to-day whilst our main focus is on what's next, growth, and ideation. 

Week 4-12 = We are Technicians and Managers. Do the work. Check the work has been done. Repeat. Always making just enough time, typically 2 mornings a week, to evaluate and reflect on where improvement is needed. This is a job for the Entrepreneur and the Manager together.

Side Note

Every so often the Entrepreneur in each of us gets to kick the meeting room door down in a fluster with a new great idea. That happens. Its at that point we must appoint the manager to asses said door kicking down worthy idea and decide whether, when, where to implement it

Side Side Note

I received an email back re this news letter from our good friend and talented maker Zoe Wilson. it read "Now im going to be kinder to myself with the understanding why I find some task more difficult to do..."
Remember all three personas will not come naturally to you. be kind to yourself. you are walking the untrodden path. That alone is commendable in itself.

I write this not only as a reflection on a book but also as a hopeful message. That message is if your business is struggling / you feel stuck in a rut. You likely are not employing (you can employ these people all inside your own head) each of the three key players in your business, and if you are, maybe you just have the balance off slightly. 

So this week, I challenge you to check in with each of the 3 key personas. Give each of them time, and whilst you're at it, give each of them an employment review. 

The book in question,

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