Tove by design

Read Tove Ohlander's journey from glassblower to sustainable clothing pioneer in Vermont, USA. Her brand, Tove by design, blends fashion and practicality, championing ethical, slow fashion.

Tove by design

Edition Two Feature (March 2021)
Words by: Tove Ohlander
Location: Burlington, Vermont, USA 
Photo Credits: ¬©Brian MacDonald  

I opened a glass studio with Rich Arentzen in Burlington, Vermont, in 2007. Today we run a small glass factory, AO Glass (Arentzen & Ohlander), and with all staff rounded up there are about 20 of us sharing the tasks of getting hand-blown glass out the door. Having started out by working on the bench blowing glass and physically creating products to sell, I am now working as a product developer, designer and illustration artist. I branched into clothing in 2017. 

Together with my local team consisting of photographer Brian MacDonald, models Callie Flynn and Luci Young, and our amazing staff at AO Glass, I am creating a clothing brand that has the same ethos as the State of Vermont does: organic, sustainable, common sense, global and local, mindful, resilient and innovative. 

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