Under the Skin

Under the Skin, a sustainable venture by Ed and James Harrison, crafts limited edition screen prints with phosphorescent skeletons, aiming to raise awareness and funds for endangered species through engaging design.

Under the Skin

Edition One Feature (September 2020)
Words by: Ed Harrison
Location: Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Photo Credits: ¬©Alex-Sedgmond (@alexsedgmond / Jody Daunton @jodydaunton / Luke Ripley @lukeripley 

We are a small, sustainable business focused on creating an interactive print series to raise awareness of some of the world‚Äôs most endangered and vulnerable animals. Under the Skin is a joint venture with my brother, James Harrison. 

Our limited edition screen prints are a handcrafted celebration of species from across the globe with a powerful underlying message. Under ultraviolet light, the phosphorescent skeleton is exposed; this is all that remains when a species falls into the darkness of extinction. 

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