Vicente Garcia

Vincent Garcia, a seasoned art professor in Simsbury, USA, blending clay and steel to craft captivating sculptures and vessels, exploring primitive firing techniques.

Vicente Garcia

Edition 4 Feature
Words by: Vincent Garcia
Location: Simsbury, Connecticut, USA 
Photo Credit: ©Vicente Garcia

I am in my twenty-fifth year as a professor of art at Central Connecticut State University, New Britain, Connecticut, USA, where I strive to provide students with a thorough knowledge base in ceramics. This spans everything from basic clay construction to wheel throwing to advanced glaze calculations and firing techniques. As a practising artist, I have been creating with clay and steel for 42 years. I am actively involved in producing and refining a body of work that includes clay vessels and clay and steel sculptures. 

As a professor in the Department of Art, my responsibilities include teaching all levels of ceramics, to both undergraduate and graduate students. I believe it is important to promote students‚Äô creativity and the development of technical skills. My personal teaching philosophy has evolved from my experiences as a student, as an artist and as a teacher of art. In my own educational career, I found that my most influential teachers were those who stressed a strong foundation and an awareness of contemporary and historical artists, and who practised what they taught. As an artist, I‚Äôve recognised the importance of professional work habits and a disciplined attitude. As a teacher, I realise how important it is to develop a good rapport with my students while maintaining a challenging yet supportive classroom atmosphere. 

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