Waco, TX with Alisha Koppert

Waco, TX with Alisha Koppert

Before our meeting with Alisha, we couldn't resist the opportunity to visit Goldee's BBQ, renowned as the number one BBQ joint in Texas. Despite the long queue, we patiently waited for two and a half hours, enticed by the amazing smell coming from the American smokers. When we finally sat down in their famous BBQ joint to enjoy the food, it surpassed our expectations and justified its esteemed reputation. To top it off, we were excited to spot the iconic M&M BBQ smoker, which added to the experience. It was awesome to see the work of M&M BBQ here, a really cool feeling knowing we visited the powerhouses Mike and Matt at their workshop days before to do a podcast.

Arriving in Waco, we checked into a cozy Airbnb, our home for the next few nights. After, we drove to meet the lovely Alisha, a talented potter and dedicated mother. Upon our arrival at her family home, we were warmly welcomed and enjoyed getting to know each other over coffee. Big thanks to Alisha for making time for us amidst her busy life was truly appreciated.

Intrigued by Alisha's use of a kick wheel instead of an electric wheel, we were invited into her garden and introduced to her humble shed where her pottery comes to life. Alisha's simple yet efficient setup caught our attention, and she kindly offered us a demonstration of the kick wheel. We were amazed by her ability to make the process look effortless and flawless. Excited to try it ourselves, I took the plunge and discovered the joy of working with a kick wheel, finding it more manageable and enjoyable than the electric wheel. With Alisha's guidance, I successfully created a little pot, feeling a sense of accomplishment and the excitement of trying something new - very much the same feeling as Jack did when he tried wood turning with our previous maker!

After our little pottery experience, we ventured to Makers Edge, a shared studio space in Waco. Alisha frequents the studio not only to fire her pottery but also to teach others. This vibrant space became the backdrop for recording our podcast episode with Alisha, giving her the platform to share her inspiring journey and craftsmanship with a wider audience. Sitting down together, we immersed ourselves in Alisha's stories, which you can listen to below. Huge thanks Alisha for sending the afternoon with us - we had fun!

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