Wilding Ceramics

Calgary brand manager Leah Schwartz transforms into a potter, finding inspiration in Alberta's nature as she transforms her dining room into a haven of vibrant underglazes and luxurious clay.

Wilding Ceramics

Edition Two Feature (March 2021)
Words by: Leah Schwartz
Location: Calgary, Alberta
Photo Credit: ¬©Leah Schwartz

I am a brand manager by day and a potter by night, weekend and any other spare second I can find. I have managed to build a life in which my day job ‚Äď in the food and beverage industry ‚Äď is wildly creative, but up until a year and a half ago I always felt there was something missing. 

I began to follow ceramic artists on Instagram and was so inspired by their work and by the craft in general. Clay honestly started seeping into my dreams, so one morning I woke up, searched for classes available here in Calgary, in Alberta, Canada, and signed up for my first course at Workshop Studios. That was halfway through 2019, and since then my dining room table has turned into an absolute disaster zone of stunningly bright underglaze and soft and luxurious clay ‚Äď what a dichotomy! 

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