W.I.R 16 Feb: Weekly Standout Stories

A short and sweet homage to some of the great things we saw happen in the makers space this week.

W.I.R 16 Feb: Weekly Standout Stories

This is our round up of the week. A reminder to you that when you stick at it there is gold in these caves. And whether you feel it there could always be a happy dance just around the corner.

1. Candy Coated Accessories

Fiona's rocking colourful snoods made it onto the BBC on Jules and Gregs Wild Swims program.

2. Zoe Wilson Carving

Zoes stone carved monkey fist (rope ball, impossible knot) reel racked up an astonishing 9.4M views. Edit between writing and publishing 10 minutes later its now at 9.5M

3. Bingo Sign Co

Our friends Rachel E Miller and Hana Lindsay of Bingo Signs Co WON Build Architecture Awards signwriter of the year.

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